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schenck rotor balancing

Every rotating component, be it a dental drill, a crankshaft or a turbine in a power station, needs to be balanced. Schenck offers a comprehensive range of products for balancing rotating and reciprocating components and subassemblies - ranging from light-weight miniature rotors weighing only a few grams to heavy-weight rotors such as a steam turbine rotor weighing 400t .

Balancing is a critical step in the production process, and ensures the high quality of rotating components. This applies regardless of whether you are dealing with a one-off rotor in a repair shop or with large production volumes. Balancing will improve the quality and service life of your products, improve productivity and enhance your competitive position.

Schenck provides solutions for a wide range of industries, ranging from the automotive and electrical industries, the aeronautical and aerospace industries to turbomachinery construction and general mechanical engineering. Our staff of more than 900 highly qualified employees worldwide develops solutions for research and development, production, maintenance and quality control. Basic research work into the fundamentals of balancing is being conducted in close cooperation with University and other research institutions.

Our core competence is the precise measurement and analysis of signals. As a globally operating company, we have manufacturing facilities in Europe, America and Asia. In addition, we maintain a close-knit service network which ensures that we are never far away from our customers - wherever they are.


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