Range of products and services

Our range of products and services


Our balancing and diagnostic systems ensure that your plane lands safely, that your razor runs quietly and smoothly, and that you can enjoy the comfort of your car for a long time. Jet engines, razors or engines running smoothly and without vibration will not produce excessive noise, which may be transmitted to other components, or cause malfunction. Schenck RoTec provides the technology to ensure this.

Customised balancing and diagnostic systems which meet all requirements. Whatever you need to balance - we have the right solution for any rotor - large or small .

The right solution for every rotor

For all weight classes
from 1g to 450 t

Large range of rotor sizes
from 1mm or 10 m Rotordurchmesser
Large speed range
from 10 to 250,000 rpm

Suitable for one-off balancing in a repair
shop and for large-volume production

Semi- or fully automatic systems
adapted to your requirements

Balancing and more -
from wheel assembly to diagnostic technology


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