To Our Customers

Dear Sir or Madam

In a very foreseeable time period, Carl Schenck AG (Schenck RoTec GmbH) shall have completed to sell its shares in its various operations in China in order to focus on the expansion of its sole representative, Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd.

Schenck Shanghai Machinery shall then be the only subsidary of Carl Schenck AG in mainland China, and as such, the only one which is certified and entitled to build, sell and service Schenck original products in China.

Please be informed that some companies in China try to copy our products and even dare to sell those copies under the Schenck brand, also to countries outside China. We shall do all in our power and within the legal bounds to prevent these companies in futrue from damaging our customers, because these machines are not manufactrued according to the Schenck quality standards and specifications.

Furthermore, customers ususally receive machines with a technical design dating from the early eighties and this very often at current and sometimes excessive prices. Please also take into consideration that for these machine copies we cannot provide any service or spare parts.

    The original balancing machines from Schenck will offer you
    Sophisticated hardware and software
    Precise and sturdy mechanics
    Highest precision
    Easy operation

Moreover, we would like to ask for your assistance and urge you only to buy Schenck products from Schenck Shanghai Machinery Co. Ltd. In China directly or through certified Schenck dealers in your country. Only then can it be assured that you will receive genuine Schenck products and services. You can find the current contact partners near to you on: www.schenck-rotec.com and www.schenck.cn

Yours faithfully,

Schenck RoTec GmbH

Ppa. Ulrich Seubert

Sales Director


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