Happy Birthday Schenck

On September 17, 2009, a large “10” composed of pink and white balloons decorated the entrance to the Schenck Shanghai administrative building. Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corporation was founded ten years ago – and a lot has happened since then. The company now operates as Schenck Group’s headquarters for the entire Asian market and leader of the balancing technology market in China – plenty of reason for around 300 Schenck and EcoClean employees to celebrate!

Those taking part in the festivities included Dr. Ralf-Michael Fuchs, Head of the BAP business unit, BAP CFO Franz Matheis, Schenck Trebel CFO Peter Brooks, Dr. Bertram Dittmar, Head of Schenck in the United States, his Indian counterpart Vikas Chandra and Sangeeta Alu, Head of Finance at Schenck RoTec in India.

 “We are proudly celebrating ten years of hard work as well as ten years of team spirit, happiness and success. The Schenck brand stands for advanced technology, reliability, excellent quality and amazing service.” Peter Legner, CEO of Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corporation.

“We sing the same song” is the English translation of the Chinese song performed by the Schenck employees as part of Schenck Shanghai’s anniversary celebrations.

In his congratulatory speech, Dr. Ralf-Michael Fuchs said that the commitment shown by Schenck Shanghai’s skilled workers will help ensure that Schenck maintains and develops its leading market position in China. 


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