CENO – The most effective balancing machine for small and medium sized crankshafts

CENO – The most effective balancing machine for small and medium sized crankshafts

With the CENO, Schenck RoTec has produced the currently most efficient balancing centre in its class. The operating costs of the machine alone have been reduced by 35%! This has been achieved by the use of economical drives and the consistent application of light construction principles, as well as by dispensing with ineffective hydraulic and cooling systems.

The basis for effective working with the CENO is formed by the sophisticated and consistent operating concept of the machine: The mechanical setup is quick and easy, the measurement system (CAB 950) and the control equipment (Siemens) are self-explanatory, the many operating aids (e.g. the multi-function button) guide the user through the process and all components of the machine are very easily accessible.
Further productivity advantages of the CENO include dispensing with master weights, the fast tool changing and the simple swarf disposal. The operation of this balancing centre can be mastered in a very short time, and makes a convincing and thoroughly economical overall solution.

The new CENO from Schenck RoTec is the perfect answer to the trend towards more fuel-efficient engines with small crankshafts (“downsizing”). At the right time, suppliers in engine and vehicle construction now have a highly efficient balancing solution with which they can significantly reduce their processing costs. The CENO also makes the ideal initial step towards automation.


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