CENTRIO – even more economical, much quieter, small footprint

CENTRIO – even more economical, much quieter, small footprint

Our new CENTRIO. This new generation combines many innovative ideas and our vast experience to produce a convincing result. We have managed to reduce noise emission significantly and have pushed energy consumption to a low level. Reduced space requirements and the perfected ergonomy are completing the harmonious overall impression.

The reduction of noise emission has been a central consideration for the overall design of our spin-testing systems. By means of the careful selection of noise-optimized components and the insulation and enclosure of major noise sources, the sound pressure level of the CENTRIO has been reduced to 75 dB. The practical benefit for you: the CENTRIO spin-testing system can be operated without any additional noise protection measures.

A further step towards lower energy consumption is our new overall electrical and electronics concept. The important elements include the use of Bus systems instead of conventional cabling, reduction of the control voltage and an integrated safety concept. Through the consistent use of energy optimized drives, combined with sophisticated energy management, consumption has been significantly reduced in comparison to the predecessor model.

The space requirement of the new CENTRIO spin-testing system is approx. 10 % below that of its predecessor. It is therefore the most compact spin testing system in its performance class. It can be installed in existing available areas and also saves valuable floor space.


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