Schenck CAB708 - Measuring Instrumentation for Advanced Balancing Tasks on Hard Bearing Horizontal Balancing Machines

  • Active TFT color screen  providing a clearly arranged and easy-to-read display
  • Robust sealed membrane keyboard for direct access to important functions
  • Mouse and external keyboard
  • Modular, service friendly system design
  • Digital processing of measurement values for high accuracy
  • Inserted computer system
  • Operation using Windows standard procedures
  • Networking capability


A clearly structured function keyboard permits the operator direct access to the main operating functions such as rotor type, print-out, index compensation etc.
Operation via keyboard in a drawer with integrated mouse pad.
Certain operating procedures, such as mean value calculation during unbalance measure¬ment or index balancing can be stored as rotor type specific data. These procedures are then automatically activated when the rotor set-up data is re-called.
Definition of the balancing procedure in the rotor file enables operation by se¬lecting only a few functions, even in case of complex operating sequences. Extensive user prompting in clear text is provided for.

Presentation of unbalance or unbalance correction
Display in large, easy-to-read digits and in vector form, simultaneously for both correction planes, with amount and angular position.
The following types of unbalance display are available:
dynamic unbalance in two correction planes
static unbalance in any correction plane
static and couple unbalance
static and dynamic unbalance
The following methods are available for presentation of the type of unbalance correction:
Polar: Amount and angular position
Components: Amount at two adjacent locations
(max. 100 symmetrically or unsymmetrical distributed locations).

Special features
Manual display for angular indexing.
Storage of measured unbalance values in a standard format for further processing, e.g. under Excel.
Simple use of programs available in the system (pocket calculator, note pad).
A password system can be used to protect the data from modification by unauthorized persons.
The software includes a variety of functions for automatic self-testing of the measuring instrumentation.



Operating system

Windows XP(English version)

LC display

Active TFT color display, 15"

Speed range

120 –5 000 rpm

Automatic selection of the following ranges

120-370 rpm

depending on the required speed:

370-900 rpm/900-2300 rpm/2300-5 000 rpm

Minimum achievable residual unbalance (UMAR)

see machine specification

Average measuring time

 adjustable from 0.5 sec (excluding start-up and braking)

 Speed measurement:

Numerical, 4-digit, max. error + 0.1 % of measured value + 1 digit,    Refresh time approx. 1 sec, storage of readout.

 Power supply

100-230V, 50/60 Hz (automatic adaptation)


approx. 20 kg


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