Distec – the economic all-rounder

Distec – Economic balancing of disk-shaped rotors

Distec – Economic balancing of disk-shaped rotors

Vertical balancing machines represent classic balancing technology, and have proven highly successful across the disk-shaped rotor spectrum in series production: pulleys or brake disks, fans, clutches, flywheels and may other similar rotor types can be aligned more economically in this way than using any other balancing machine.
The Distec now goes one step further and combines a principle advantage of vertical balancing machines with an extremely good price/performance ratio, in order to make balancing even more economically efficient. It may therefore prove expedient, even with smaller series, to automate the balancing process, The advantage: consistent quality, as any error sources are removed, and high availability thanks to simple operation. This machine is designed for manual loading - but also for complete automation.


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