SmartBalancer 2 – Perfect field balancing – made easy

SmartBalancer 2 – Perfect field balancing – made easy

SmartBalancer 2 – Perfect field balancing machine

The new SmartBalancer 2 combines simple handling with advanced technology in a new and comfortable measuring device for field balancing.

You can use the device to balance rotors of nearly any size and weight in their mounted condition - rapidly, cost-effective and precise, thus avoiding disassembly of your machines. Thanks to comprehensive diagnostic options, SmartBalancer2 will keep you posted any time on the state of unbalance of your machines - and your company up and running.

All functions of the device can be accessed via joystick and just a few function keys even by persons inexperienced in the device's use. Its easily understandable pictograms and icons and a simple file hirarchy adapted to the well-known Windows layout make everyday use a cinch! The large, high-contrast display and the four-colour LEDs always provide clear-cut information on the current operation state of your machines.

SmartBalancer 2 contains extensive measuring and analysis functions, which provide you with valuable assistance during field balancing, but are also well tried and tested for the commissioning, servicing and repairing of machines. From measurement, assessment and diagnosis of the machine condition to roller bearing assessment, impact test and the archiving and documentation of all results: SmartBalancer 2 is a device with many talents, which go far beyond field balancing.


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